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Christening is the first such important family event in your child's life. It is also usually the first opportunity for the rest of the family to welcome a new member to their group. If you want your baby girl to look great on this day, choose an elegant girl dress for a special occasion.

The market offers many different models of baby clothes for baptism, but which one will be the best for you? What cut of a dress for a girl should be chosen so that it is comfortable and elegant at the same time? How to choose the right baptism dress for a girl? We will also propose a few models that will work great during this important day.


Why should I choose a girl's christening gown for my daughter?

On this special day, your daughter will be the most important person. So prepare a unique stylization in which both of you will feel confident and beautiful.

A dress for a girl will meet all your requirements - it will be elegant, stylish enough, and at the same time will not hinder your care treatments around the child.


What to look for when buying a baby girl dress for a christening party?

Before choosing a baby girl dress for christening, consider these aspects:

  • Material. Most often, babies who are several months old are baptized, and at the beginning of their lives their skin is very sensitive! To prevent irritation and chafing, try to choose a girl's dress made of natural fabrics. The softer and airy the fabric, the safer it is for your baby!
  • The method of sewing dresses and accessories. Again, less is more. Considering the sensitive skin of a child, do not add pearls and sequins to the girl's dress, which can cause scratches. Also take a look at the seams to keep them as little as possible and as irritating as possible.
  • The way of fastening. Remember that girls' dresses usually have a zipper or button fastening at the back. Due to the fact that the baptism is intended for lying babies, choose a form that will make it convenient for you to dress and change the baby (e.g. in the case of changing the diaper or flooding with milk during feeding).
  • Dress cut. Contrary to appearances, it will also be of great importance to you. The fewer layers and the less complicated construction of a girl's dress, the better for both of you. The comfortable cut will not restrict your daughter's movements and will make it easier for you to handle the baby, e.g. when changing a diaper.
  • Color. Baptism is immediately associated with white and this color of a girl's dress is the most popular. Fortunately, fashion is changing and more and more you can see girls in other shades, such as pink, beige or ecru. If you want to break the monotony of styling, you can choose a non-standard color of the dress - because who said that a girl cannot have, for example, a blue dress? The final decision is yours!
  • Party style. When you invite your family to dinner in a restaurant after your baptism, you can choose a more stylish dress model for a girl. However, if the party takes place outdoors, it is worth choosing a simpler cut. Take into account both the seriousness of the venue and your comfort.


What about fashion accessories?

A baptism dress for a girl is not everything - it is known that the overall styling also includes decorative accessories! However, considering that you will be dressing a toddler, you need to take care not only of a nice appearance, but above all safety. Therefore, give up small additives that your daughter may accidentally swallow.

Therefore, we propose a flexible headband for your daughter, which will stay stably in one place and will additionally add extraordinary charm to the entire styling. In addition, on cooler days, fancy socks or tights with applications, such as angel wings, pompoms or hooks, will be a good choice. You can also choose comfortable shoes with which to cover your feet against the cold and complete the outfit.


Models of dresses for girls for christening from Zoya

At Zoya, we have models of dresses for girls for special occasions, including christenings. We couldn't miss such an important event for many mothers and daughters! Check what you will find in our collection.



It is the most frequently chosen model of dresses for girls for baptism. Rosie is a dress decorated with tulle, the elegance of which is given by a flower that is detachable at the waist. It has an additional adjustable bow tie at the back. The bottom of the dress consists of two layers of tulle finished with a beautiful lace and two linings. The set also includes a headband that will complete the styling.

Available both in classic white and in the following colors: pink and blue. In our assortment you will find a version of a dress for warm days and a long-sleeved cut for cooler times.



Jessie is a very elegant and subdued dress for a girl. The delicate pattern and white are perfect for an event such as a baptism. The top of the dress is decorated with lace, and the applique at the waist gives additional elegance. The back of the dress includes an adjustable belt with a bow. The bottom consists of a double layer of straight, flowing material. The set also includes a headband with a bow that will beautifully emphasize the appearance of your baby girl.



We recommend this model of a girl's dress for slightly older children who will be baptized. The top of the dress contains numerous 3D flowers that give it a light and original style. The bow is a strong point of styling and draws attention to the garment. At the back, Floria is tied with an adjustable belt. The bottom of the dress consists of two layers of tulle decorated with brocade and two linings. This is a unique proposition for exceptional little fashionista.

We hope this article has helped you choose the right baby girl christening dress. We believe it will be a really beautiful day for your whole family. We wish you this with all our hearts!

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