How to dress a girl in a glamor style? Check out our suggestions 0
How to dress a girl in a glamor style? Check out our suggestions

Rich classics - this is how you can describe glamor style in a nutshell. Elegance that attracts attention unobtrusively with a delicate flash of sequins or jewelry. The quintessence of femininity and chic that many little girls dream of when they grow up. You can make them come true now by creating beautiful glamor styles with dresses for girls.

Did your daughter get a glamorous birthday invitation? Or maybe a family wedding is being prepared in the near future, in which the bride wanted such a dress? Learn the simple rules thanks to which you can easily prepare the right styling for your child.


Characteristic features of the glamor style

The glamor style was distinguished in the 1970s, and it drew its inspiration from the Hollywood red carpet of the First World War. It was created as a contrast to the widespread sportswear. The term "glamor" in English means splendor, charm and prestige - and this is how this style of dress can be briefly described.

It is characterized by splendor, extravagance and a hint of elegance. Glamor styles are distinguished above all by the richness of decorations and patterns - sequins, glitter, shimmering fabrics and rich jewelry are something that creates this look. Formerly chosen for important evenings and special occasions, today it often creeps into everyday stylizations in the form of shiny shoes or handbags.

How to create a glamor style? Follow these tips when choosing a girl dress that will become the basis for this elegant look.


What to look for when creating styling with a glamor girl dress?

Here are some simple rules that will help you create a beautiful glamor look for your daughter.

  • Be moderate in the glow! If you decide on a shimmering dress for a girl, go for subdued accessories. When you choose a simple cut of the dress, then you can spice it up a bit with shiny accessories.
  • Choose rather more fitted patterns of dresses that will emphasize the figure and be very elegant at the same time.
  • The glamor style likes when a lot is going on! It is good when the material used for the girl's dress is "rough" and of high quality.
  • What colors of clothes will be the best to achieve the glamor effect? This style hates boredom! Therefore, you can easily combine subdued colors (shades of gray and beige, black and white), neutral (gold, silver, metallic threads, mirror panels, holographic effect) and expressive (e.g. emerald green, sapphire, amethyst, cobalt, scarlet, plum or turquoise). However, be careful not to overdo it in either direction and create a kitsch effect.


Zoya glamor style - what models can you find with us?

Will you find models of girls' dresses in the Zoya collection that will help you create glamor style outfits? See our proposals, which can become an excellent base for beautiful stylizations for special occasions in which your daughter will look amazing!



Chloe is a proposal for a girl's dress that will work not only in glamor styling. The top of the dress is abundantly trimmed with sequins, and the shoulders are decorated with delicate feathers. The bottom is made of tulle. The whole thing looks like outfits from the 1920s. To achieve a glamor effect, all you need is a few subtle and subdued accessories and it's ready!



Naomi is a dress for girls that does not contain shiny elements, but fits perfectly into the glamor style - it is thanks to the rich floral decorations and the cocktail cut. Slightly shiny jewelry and subdued accessories in the form of a jacket and shoes should be enough to achieve the desired effect. Your daughter will feel light and comfortable in this outfit.



The essence of glamor style in one dress for girls is the Ana model. It contains all the necessary elements that should create this outfit: golden sequins, beige tulle bottom and a cutout on the back finished with a decorative bow. A few subdued additions are enough to get the glamor effect you want.



The Elena dress model for girls is a perfect base for creating a unique glamor look. The fitted black cut gives an elegant tone, while the puffed tulle sleeves add a unique character. In order for the whole dress to take on the right style, you need to add a bit of shine - shiny jewelry, a sequin handbag, or a shiny jacket will complete the glamor look.



Natalie is a dress for girls that will perfectly match the glamor atmosphere. The fitted cut in black emphasizes the figure, and the sleeves with sequins will add the right glow. In fact, with this cut, it doesn't take much for your daughter to look chic and glamorous. Alternatively, you can match shiny jewelery and keep other accessories in a rather subtle tone.

Clothes and fashion exist to play with them and create designs that make you feel amazing and beautiful. Look for inspiration, combine elements and try what will suit you and your daughter best. Show her that creating projects in a given style is a great adventure, and perhaps thanks to this you will ignite new interests in her!

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