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Not all girls love dresses. Some young ladies go against conventions and prefer to choose a different type of clothing for special occasions. However, there is a way to combine business with pleasure. Instead of a girl's dress, choose a skirt for your daughter! It will be both comfortable and appropriately elegant.

Are you worried that your daughter will not be convinced to put on a skirt for a girl? Relax! We offer many cuts and patterns. You will surely find something suitable among them. We will also tell you about the models available on Zoya Fashion. Maybe one of them will attract your child's attention?


A skirt is a great alternative to a girl's dress

The skirt is a very comfortable and fashionable piece of clothing. It will work in many situations. You can wear it with virtually anything! You will perfectly match it both for everyday styling and for big outings. If your daughter is not willing to put on a wedding dress, maybe it is worth offering her an elegant skirt for a girl?

A skirt for a girl looks beautiful, but it is also a practical solution for important family gatherings. Why?

  • It does not restrict movement, so your daughter can play freely with other children.
  • If, for example, your blouse becomes dirty, you can quickly replace it with a new one, without having to change the entire outfit.
  • It gives much more space to create new styles.


What are the types of skirts for girls?

You will find many cuts and types of skirts for girls on the market. You can match them both with the occasion and the style of your daughter's outfit.

The most common types of skirts are divided according to the cut:

  • flared skirts;
  • pencil skirts;
  • trapezoidal skirts;
  • pleated skirts;
  • tulle skirts;
  • circle skirts;
  • mermaid skirts or fish-cut skirts;
  • skirts with gussets;
  • tulip-type skirts;
  • envelope skirts;
  • asymmetrical skirts.


Due to their length, skirts are also divided into:

  • mini skirts;
  • midi skirts;
  • maxi skirts.


Depending on the material used, you will find skirts such as:

  • denim skirts;
  • leather skirts;
  • linen skirts;
  • cotton skirts.


And many more.

As you can see, the choice is really wide. Thanks to such a variety, you will surely find the right skirt for a girl that will make both mother and daughter happy.


What do you need to remember when choosing a skirt for a girl?

Before you buy a skirt for a girl, there are several aspects to consider. They can decide whether a specific model and pattern of this garment will be a good choice.

  • The method of sewing a skirt. Take a close look at the seams in the skirt. They should be virtually undetectable, otherwise they may irritate your baby's delicate skin.
  • Material. Ideally, the skirt should be made of natural, breathable fabrics. Thanks to this, it will be comfortable and pleasant to wear.
  • Length. You need to match a girl's skirt not only to the occasion for which she is wearing it. Also consider the child's temperament. If your daughter cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes, better opt for a slightly shorter version. Then the child will not accidentally trip over the material and hurt himself.
  • The cut of the skirt. In the case of a skirt for a girl, it is worth adopting the rule that the simpler the better. Also consider all styling. A properly selected skirt will not stand out from the other elements of the outfit.
  • Color. Choose a skirt for a girl that will match the color of the entire wardrobe. Thanks to this, you will also use it on other occasions!
  • Child preferences. Remember that your daughter will be wearing this girl skirt all day, not you. Consider her opinion when shopping.


Always fashionable skirt designs for girls from Zoya

At Zoya, we offer skirts for girls that will make your daughter feel like a little princess. It will also look great while dancing and playing at important family events. Styling with a skirt will be original and will make your child stand out on and off the dance floor!

We are trying to add more and more models to our range to match the tastes of our demanding little customers. So what can you find in our store?


Tulle skirt

This model of tulle skirt will add lightness and charm to your styling. It has shimmering sequins sewn into the material, which make it unique and elegant. The lining is made of natural, breathable material. Makes the skirt keep the right shape. It has an elastic band at the waist, which makes it very comfortable to put on and wear.



It is one of the most fashionable styles among girls' skirts. Pettiskirt consists of a lining and two layers of tulle, which determine its volume and lightness. It is adjustable at the waist with a ribbon, so it will not slip off during crazy games and dances. It comes in many colors: black, graphite, gray, as well as several shades of pink.


Simple leopard skirt for a girl

Or maybe you decide to add a bit of wildness to children's styling? A leopard skirt will be great for this. Animal motifs have recently been triumphant in girls' fashion. That is why it is worth having this design in your wardrobe. At the front, the skirt is fastened with buttons, and the waist has a delicate elastic band, thanks to which it will stay in place while playing.

A skirt for a girl is a very graceful part of a child's wardrobe. The daughter will be pleased with her comfort. Mom will surely like the fact that the skirt can be used in many ways. If it gets dirty, it can also be quickly replaced, and the rest of the styling will remain the same. If you are looking for an interesting alternative to a dress, a skirt for a girl will be a great choice.

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