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Weddings are often planned well in advance. Sometimes it takes two years! Therefore, it is difficult to predict what the weather will be on this particular day. Wedding ceremonies are usually organized in the spring, summer and early autumn season. Even then, however, the weather likes to play tricks. Your wedding day can be cool, rainy and windy.

Have you already planned your daughter's styling for this special day, but the prognosis is not very optimistic? Do not expose your baby to a cold! You can easily prepare for such circumstances and purchase the necessary accessories in advance. Your baby girl will be ready for such an important day.


Bad weather doesn't mean bad clothes!

Choose the right accessories for the girl's dress. Thanks to them, she will be warm! They will not disturb the composition of the outfit. On the contrary - they will only emphasize it!

What is worth having with you during an ugly aura? At Zoya, you can match accessories to the selected elegant girl's dress. In our offer you will find accessories such as:

  • children's bolero;
  • girls' tights, socks and knee socks;
  • girls' turbans;
  • children's scarves.


You can also consider an additional long-sleeved dress that the girl will wear instead of the planned styling.

What additions will be the best? Let's take a closer look at the options available.


Baby bolero

It is an excellent patent for unfavorable weather conditions! The outer garment in the form of a children's bolero will warm the child and protect it from the wind. It will suit almost any styling - the bolero fits perfectly both with elegant dresses for girls, as well as skirts and trousers. Your daughter will be able to wear them not only for important celebrations.


Knee-high socks, socks and tights for children

These are irreplaceable styling accessories for children! They can emphasize the color of a girl's dress for a wedding, especially if you opt for more fancy patterns. In the assortment of our store you will find both classic models and beautiful girls' socks, children's knee socks or tights for children with applications. You can choose, for example, frills in the Spanish style, lace or "angel" patterns with wings and pompoms.


Children's turbans

The hit of last season among children's headgear! A girl's turban is an elegant accessory. It will protect the child's head from cold and wind, and will also perfectly emphasize the clothes. Turbans are available in many colors and designs. In the available assortment, you will surely find one that will perfectly match the color and style of the selected dress.


Children's scarves

When the weather really takes its toll, it is worth covering not only the baby's head, but also the neck. For this purpose, elegant girls' scarves are perfect. The soft fabric provides comfort and warmth even on the coldest days. Such a children's scarf will provide your daughter with perfect protection against colds!


Dress with long sleeves

Consider purchasing an extra long-sleeved girl dress. Your daughter will be able to wear it if the unfavorable weather will surprise you during the wedding. You can also use it on other occasions, e.g. as a Christmas dress. The elegant dresses for girls in the Zoya collection include various models, such as Angel, Sophie, Roxy and Ruby. Check the available patterns in the Dresses for special occasions tab.


What to pay attention to when choosing accessories for girls' styling for colder days?

You have all the necessary accessories from Zoya selected and no change in the weather will surprise you. What else is worth considering? There are several criteria for choosing accessories for a child on colder days.

  • Material. Check what fabric the styling accessories are made of. They should keep you warm. They also cannot irritate your baby's delicate skin.
  • Number of styling accessories. If you wrap your baby too tightly to protect it from the wind and cold, you may achieve the opposite of the intended effect. During wedding games, the child may overheat. From here, it's just a step away from catching a cold. Choose the most practical pieces of clothing! Don't overdo the number of layers.
  • Baby comfort. The more layers, the less comfortable your baby will be in them. Choose accessories that will make your daughter feel at ease during the wedding fun.
  • Your comfort. You certainly would not like to carry extra kilos that day in the form of unnecessary garments of your child. So choose only those elements of the outfit that you can easily pack, for example in your purse.
  • Your child's sentence. If your daughter doesn't like scarves, don't make her wear them. Better come up with an alternative solution that will keep both sides happy. Together, choose additional outfit elements that will keep you warm and comfortable on a cooler day.


Elegant styling for any weather

Your daughter does not have to give up her dream dress just because the weather has turned bad. Choose the right wardrobe items for the dress. They will provide the child with warmth and protection against wind, and at the same time emphasize the character of the styling. As a last resort, get a security in the form of an additional long-sleeved girl's dress. You can put it on a child in case of really unfavorable weather conditions. You have a lot of possibilities!

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