Why Parents Prefer Online Shopping for Children's Clothes 0
Why Parents Prefer Online Shopping for Children's Clothes

Convenient, Fast, and Delightful. The trend for online shopping, which saw a significant boost during the pandemic, is evidently here to stay. This method has quickly become a favourite among British parents when purchasing children’s attire and dresses for girls. But what makes this trend so appealing?

We Love Shopping Online!

Did you know that in 2022, 80% of Brits reported shopping online at least once a month? Additionally, a study by RetailX indicates that clothing tops the list of online purchases, with 63% of UK shoppers choosing this option. The primary demographic for online clothes shopping comprises women aged 20-45, who represent 72% of this group.

What About Children’s Clothes?

According to research by Market Watch UK, while physical stores still dominate, the balance is shifting — 51% prefer in-store shopping compared to 49% who opt for online. This data suggests that online shopping for children’s clothes has significant growth potential. Often, lower prices and a wider selection online are enticing more parents to embrace this convenient shopping model.

As demonstrated, online shopping is increasingly becoming the norm in the UK, with many opting to purchase tops, trousers, children's sweatshirts, and dresses for girls through digital platforms. Why is this method so popular?

5 Reasons to Buy Children’s Clothes Online

Convenience: Shopping online is possible wherever you can connect to the internet. You don’t even need a computer! Many online retailers now offer mobile-optimized sites, allowing you to browse and buy the most charming dresses for your daughter from your smartphone as you relax on the sofa and enjoy some cartoons together.

Wide Selection of Styles and Sizes: In physical stores, locating the right dress for a special occasion involves traversing the entire shop to find the appropriate section and size. This can be cumbersome, especially during peak shopping times when stores are most crowded.

Conversely, online shopping places the entire inventory at your fingertips. You can use filters to quickly find exactly what you need, such as a specific style of dress for a girl. Online stores also typically offer a more comprehensive range of sizes, simplifying the process of finding the perfect fit.

Saving Time and Energy

Shopping for children's clothes and dresses for girls in physical stores can be quite the ordeal. Picture this: you first have to get the kids ready (and inevitably, one of them will need a last-minute bathroom trip), then get yourself prepared, drive to the store, get the kids out of their coats, try on various outfits, redress them, handle the payment, break up a sibling squabble, and finally drive home with your purchases. Just thinking about it can be exhausting, let alone actually doing it.

By opting for online shopping, you sidestep all these complications. Your children can comfortably try on clothes at home when the delivery arrives. You save not only time and energy but also your sanity.

Return Policy

What happens if the dress for your daughter turns out to be too small? This is where online shopping has a clear edge over brick-and-mortar stores. In the UK, you are legally entitled to a 14-day return period for online purchases, no questions asked, with many retailers offering even more generous return policies.

Often, you don't even need to step out to a post office; many services include a pickup option where a courier will collect returns directly from your home.


Shopping isn't merely a practical activity; it's also supposed to be enjoyable. How does online shopping stack up in terms of pleasure?

The Digital Dopamine report reveals fascinating insights from a study among participants from the USA, UK, Brazil, and China. It shows that receiving purchases by mail often generates more excitement than buying in-store. This thrill was reported by 76% of Americans, 72% of Britons, 73% of Brazilians, and 82% of Chinese participants.

Why such enthusiastic responses? It seems we're hardwired this way! The anticipation of receiving a package triggers the release of dopamine, a hormone associated with feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Thus, online shopping not only meets but extends these joyful experiences—until perhaps the monthly bank statement arrives. ;)

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