Styles of clothing - which one will best suit your child? 0
Styles of clothing - which one will best suit your child?

Dresses for girls, blouses, pants, scarves, hats, and many others - clothes have a variety of uses. The main purpose of dressing up is to cover the body and protect it from cold or other weather conditions.


However, we don't just wear clothes for that reason, because in that case, a few simple pieces in a few colors would suffice. Nevertheless, our closets are often bursting at the seams. Clothes also serve to express ourselves!


Thanks to them, we can highlight the advantages of our figure, stand out from the crowd, and even improve our mood. That's why fashion offers so many different textures, materials, patterns, and colors that you can match to your liking. It is worth teaching proper composition of interesting outfits from an early age and raising awareness of the art of fashion. Perhaps it will become an interesting passion for your daughter?


What styles of clothing can we distinguish? What are their characteristics? What should we pay attention to when choosing clothes for a child? Can you find the right dresses for your girl for a chosen style at Zoya Fashion? Find out more!


Before you buy stylish clothing for your child...

Not every dress for girls, blouse, pants, or other item of clothing will be suitable for your little one. The market offers a multitude of types and styles. However, pay attention to a few aspects before you put the chosen garment in your basket.

  • Remember that a child's skin is much more sensitive to irritations than an adult's skin. That is why you must ensure that the material used, for example, in a dress for a girl is suitable. The more natural fabrics in the composition, the better. This way, you take care of proper ventilation, the lack of which is a common cause of diaper rash.
  • Clothing should be comfortable above all! Therefore, make sure that the seams in the chosen garments do not scratch or dig into your daughter's skin. Also, choose the right size so that the child can move freely during playtime.
  • Some patterns can emphasize certain parts of the figure, so it's worth knowing what clothes will highlight the strengths of your child's silhouette. Check out what dresses for girls we recommend for petite children and plus-size ones.
  • We wear certain types of clothes simply because we like them! When choosing a dress for a special occasion with your daughter, be sure to ask her about her preferences!


What are the different styles of dress?

In reality, one could say that there are as many different styles of dress as there are people in the world. However, there are a few ways of dressing in which we can identify certain rules for selecting individual pieces of clothing to stay within the fashion canon.


Here are a few examples along with models of girls' dresses from the Zoya Fashion collection that you can fit into a given style.



It can be described as an everyday style. It is based on the most basic cuts of clothing and colors, the so-called basics, which makes it practical and timeless. It is a combination of classic with a bit of sporty casualness.


Among the dresses for girls that will fit the casual style the most, there is the Salma model. A simple, fitted cut and a turtleneck offer a wide range of possibilities for combining it with other accessories, such as trendy sneakers and a denim jacket. Ready!


Parisian Chic

How to recognize this style? It can be described as "effortless elegance" characterized by high-quality materials. The clothes are rather in subdued colors or with delicate patterns.


How to achieve the effect of Parisian chic with a Zoya dress for a girl? Choose a simple cut (e.g. Coco), add a boxy jacket and delicate ballet flats... In such a styling, your daughter will look like she's just stepped off the Parisian runway!



Sporty style simply has to be comfortable. Therefore, it is characterized by soft, pleasant materials and a simple construction of individual elements of clothing. Here, wide cotton clothes, roomy bags, and backpacks are in the lead.


Eve is a dress for girls that fits perfectly into this style. Made of cotton, in a tube shape and a blue color, it will match many sporty accessories such as sneakers or a zip-up hoodie.



This is a trend that has been high on the list of the most fashionable clothes for many seasons. It is characterized by lightness, airiness, and naturalness, emphasizing feminine beauty. If you want to dress your child in a romantic style, go for lace or ruffled dresses for girls in pastel colors or with a floral motif. For example, Matilda will be perfect for this.



A style of clothing that has taken the hearts of many people interested in contemporary fashion by storm. How to recognize it? This trend is characterized by loose silhouettes, ruffles, natural or ethnic patterns, and above all, comfort. It is based on some elements of hippie fashion.


If you are looking for a dress for a girl in this style, you will definitely like Bohemia. Thanks to its flowing material and delicate lace fabric, this dress fits perfectly into this theme.



In our compilation, we couldn't miss the strong and characterful rock style. Leather, heavy (often metal) accessories, and dark colors are the main features of this fashion trend.


Can you find a dress for a girl in this style in the Zoya Fashion collection? The Elena model works perfectly here - dark color and a fitted cut fit the rock mood. Just add a leather jacket, strong shoes in the style of Dr. Martens, and you can go to a concert of your favorite rock star!


Which clothing style will be the best for my child?

Exactly the one that they like and feel comfortable in! It's okay if your daughter doesn't like pink, cute dresses for girls and prefers stronger, rock-style outfits. Let your child explore new possibilities and discover their own unique style. You can also experiment with fashion together, which will surely have a positive impact on your relationship. Good luck!

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