Practical and elegant in one, that is the style of dresses for girls that you can match for any occasion 0
Practical and elegant in one, that is the style of dresses for girls that you can match for any occasion

There is a belief that a dress for a girl worn once for an important event such as a wedding or christening should never be used again. The first impression counts, and using the same dress in subsequent stylings can negate that effect. However, rules are one thing and practice is another.

From an economic point of view, dresses for girls, especially those characterized by natural materials and precise sewing, can often cost even 50 EUR or more. If you happen to have a lot of important family events in a month, each new creation can be a significant burden on your wallet. It is worth choosing a dress for girls that you can use in many situations. In no case will it be a stylish faux-pas.

What style of dresses for girls will be universal? What color dresses should you choose to be able to wear them for various occasions? What should you pay attention to? Will you find suitable models in the Zoya collection? Keep reading!


Styles of dresses for girls for various occasions

Fortunately, children's fashion is quite flexible and allows for the wide use of individual clothing elements depending on the weight of the event. The same goes for dresses for girls. However, what styles of dresses will be suitable for almost any occasion?

In this case, it is worth following a few rules.

  • The simpler, the better. A dress with fewer decorations is much easier to match with different styles of clothing and accessories, making it suitable for both a wedding and a fall walk, for example.
  • The length of the dress for a girl. You must take into account not only the comfort of wearing the dress but also the weather conditions in which it will be worn. The most recommended and practical length would be a dress that reaches the knee or just below it.
  • Child's figure. Some girls are tiny, while others have a more robust body structure. It is worth checking which styles of dresses for girls will be suitable and comfortable for our child - we have written about this in other articles on our blog.


So what styles of dresses for girls do we recommend? Universal models will be, for example, trapeze dresses, pencil dresses, or slightly flared dresses. For some girls, subdued asymmetrical dresses will also be a great choice.


What color of dress for a girl will match everything?

Here, too, simplicity will play the leading role. In the case of elegant dresses for girls for special occasions, solid colors will work well, such as pastels and shades of black, brown, burgundy, or bottle green.

Bold colors - including red, pink, intense yellow, or turquoise - are interesting and eye-catching, but may not always work in all stylizations.

If your daughter absolutely insists on a dress with a pattern, opt for natural motifs or a very small pattern.


Other aspects to consider when choosing an elegant dress for a girl for any occasion

You already know about the universal cuts and colors of dresses for girls that you can use for various important family events and in everyday stylings. What else should you consider when buying a practical outfit for your daughter?


  • Material. Some dresses for girls are made of synthetic materials such as polyester and its derivatives. Unfortunately, wearing such clothes is not beneficial for your daughter - they often do not allow enough air circulation, which can cause overheating and skin irritation. Moreover, these materials are often stiff, so they can be simply uncomfortable. If you are looking for a practical dress for girls for any occasion, it is better to choose natural, soft materials, so that your child will be happy to wear it.
  • Price. If you have the option of choosing a dress for a girl for 25 EUR and 50 EUR, we recommend investing in the slightly more expensive option. Why? It's always worth examining the composition of the clothing, the quality of its workmanship and stitching. Often, higher prices come with better materials, which means that the dress will serve you much longer.
  • Child's preferences. The dress must first and foremost be liked by its little wearer! Therefore, when choosing a dress for a girl together, prepare a few models from which you will decide on one.


Universal dresses for girls - what can you find in Zoya collection?

Among our models, you will also find cuts of elegant dresses for girls that will be perfect for any situation. We present a few suggestions that you can use as inspiration when creating your outfits. However, if that's not enough for you, check out our GIRLS' DRESSES section.



Luisa is a tube-shaped dress for girls, made of soft and comfortable cotton, making it very comfortable to wear. The dress is enhanced with sewn-in shoulder pads which add a delicate widening effect to the shoulders. Additionally, the dress has two pockets where your child can hide small treasures. The white color of the dress allows it to be combined with many accessories and worn for various occasions.



Diana is a proposal for a dress with a natural, floral pattern. The trapezoid cut adds lightness to the styling and allows the dress to be used for many important family events. It will also work great in everyday outfits. The delicate floral motif gives a non-intrusive yet strong character to this white dress for girls.



Elly is a classic, flared dress for a girl with a waistline cut. The charm and interesting look of the styling are given by the shoulders and sleeves made of a transparent fabric with delicate polka dots. The black color of the dress allows it to be combined with many accessories. It will be a wonderful outfit for special occasions such as important family events or the beginning and end of the school year.

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