Vintage dresses for girls, or how to dress your child according to the rules of this style 0
Vintage dresses for girls, or how to dress your child according to the rules of this style

We can distinguish at least a few clothing styles in fashion. One of the most popular and flexible in terms of customization is the vintage style. Thanks to it, clothes not only gain a second life but also a completely different character.


There is nothing stopping you from trying to dress your child in this style! Contrary to appearances, you have plenty of tools to create a beautiful retro outfit for your daughter. Learn what vintage style is, how to compose clothes, and which dresses for girls from the Zoya Fashion collection can help you with this. Keep reading!


What is vintage style?

Interestingly, the word "vintage" comes from winemaking terminology! It precisely refers to wines produced in a single season. Over time, the term has also been applied to other fields such as music, interior design, and fashion.


So what is vintage style in fashion? It is wearing clothes from another era (as well as those stylized to look like them) and creatively combining styles from different decades. 20 years is the conventional age at which things are considered vintage. Currently, this style also includes clothing and items that refer to previous fashion eras but were recently produced.


Therefore, if you have old sweaters from your grandmother, padded shoulder jackets from the 80s from your mother, or you have your eye on a dress for a girl that echoes the style of past decades, you can confidently start building your own vintage style.


Who is vintage style for?

The truth is that this style has no age limits. You can start playing with fashion accessories from a very young age and create interesting stylizations with your daughter. The important thing is to skillfully compose outfits - especially when using clothes inspired by the first half of the 20th century. The goal is to dress in style, not to dress up as a character from a particular era (which can add years and create a caricatured image).


How to compose outfits in vintage style?

How to create a fashionable vintage look without looking like you're wearing a costume? The best way to do this is by mixing past cuts with modern accessories. This way, you will maintain the proper proportions between the individual clothing items, giving old-fashioned pieces a modern touch.


Although fashion knows no bounds, in the case of vintage, we recommend sticking to one style from a particular era, which you can further decorate with modern elements. If you decide to dress your daughter in an elegant dress for girls in the style of Audrey Hepburn, don't mix it with hippie clothes. Of course, no one will stop you from doing so, but it's very easy to overdo it.


What else do you need to remember when choosing a vintage outfit?

Before you choose vintage clothes like grandma's sweater or a dress for girls in the style of past eras, there are a few more things to keep in mind.

  • Go for quality. This is especially true for second-hand clothing. Vintage style is not about items that are worn out and show signs of wear and tear. If you plan on creating vintage-style outfits, opt for well-cut and carefully finished clothes made from quality fabrics. In case of minor damages or defects, take them to be cleaned and repaired.
  • Always check the composition. Vintage dresses for girls should also contain as many natural fibers as possible to be safe for children's skin and not cause irritation.
  • Check the seams and stitching method. It is crucial to ensure that the garment does not irritate the child's skin while wearing it.
  • Match the style to your daughter. As you know, vintage fashion is based on clothing from past eras, so choose items that will better emphasize your child's personality - what she likes, what music she listens to, what hobbies she has. This way she will feel even better in the chosen outfit!


A few vintage-inspired ideas from Zoya's collection of dresses for girls

Are you preparing for a costume party from the olden days? Or maybe you're going to a themed wedding from a different era and you want to dress your daughter in a special vintage-style dress for the occasion? Check out the many possibilities of vintage dressing you have with Zoya!


We present a few options that you can easily match to the vintage style. If you need more inspiration, check out our section of DRESSES FOR GIRLS.



The Amalia dress for girls is a model that perfectly fits the vintage style! The white collar and black fitted cut add elegance and sophistication to the creation, while the puffy sleeves resemble outfits from the 80s. To modernize this outfit a bit, add a rich necklace under the collar and wear white enclosed sneakers on your feet. You can use an old denim jacket as a cover.



This is the second proposal for a vintage dress for girls that you can easily match to this style. Amelia fits perfectly into the hippie fashion of the 70s. The colorful flower print, loose sleeves, delicate waist indentation, and round collar add lightness to the outfit and perfectly relate to that time. To give the whole look some character, add a leather jacket with fringes and choose sports shoes as a modern accent.



Salma is a dress for girls that resembles outfits from the 90s. The knit pattern, fitted cut, and turtleneck add characteristics of clothes from that era. How can you use it to create a vintage look? To add a bit of modernity, instead of tights, put your daughter in fitted jeans! Add a bomber jacket and heavy boots in the style of Doc Martens and you have a quite interesting clothing proposal.



The Imelda dress for girls is very similar in cut to the outfits from the times of Bond movies with Sean Connery in the lead role. The carefree flowing material delicately belted at the waist, a small triangular neckline, and golden sequin cascades perfectly relate to the beautiful 60s. To complement the outfit with a modern accent, choose a leather bomber jacket here as well. Add lightweight black ballet flats and you're done!

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