Birthday outfit, or what dress to choose for a girl for such a special occasion? 0
Kreacja na urodziny, czyli jaka sukienka dla dziewczynki na tak specjalną okazję?

Birthdays are a special day for every child. No wonder, as it's usually the day when they receive wishes, presents, and many other pleasures! It's also an important event for you - after all, on this day you became the mother of this young and curious human being!


Such an occasion requires appropriate celebration! If there's a celebration, then there's a party - and if there's a party, an elegant dress for the girl is necessary, in which your daughter will feel really special!

What dress should you choose for a girl's birthday? What do you need to know before choosing a dress for such an event? What cut will be suitable for a one-year-old child, and what for an older girl? And the most important question - will you find the dream dress for your daughter among the available collection of Zoya Fashion? Read on!


Dress for a girl's birthday party - what to keep in mind?

There is no denying that the appearance of a dress for a girl's birthday party is very important. It should look stunning and make the child stand out among the guests. However, as a mother, there are other aspects that should be important to you, ensuring that the choice of birthday outfit for your child will be a good one:

  • Material. Choose dresses for girls made of natural materials, which provide good air flow and don't cause irritation. This is particularly important when choosing a dress for young children, whose skin is very delicate and sensitive.
  • Quality of seams and stitching. Firstly, this affects how long the dress will last as it will be exposed to extreme conditions while being played in. Secondly, poorly made seams can also cause irritation and scratching, making the girl feel uncomfortable in the chosen dress. Therefore, before allowing your daughter to wear the dress at a party, check the quality of the stitching.
  • Closure method. This is important especially for small children who love to get dirty or require quick action, such as when changing diapers. With an easy closure, you can quickly and without resistance switch the dress if needed.
  • Length of the dress for the girl. It will depend on the temperament of your child. If your daughter can't sit still for long, it's better to choose shorter models. This will avoid falls and bruises due to, for example, tripping over the material of the dress while playing.
  • Correct size. If you want to provide the highest level of comfort while wearing the chosen birthday dress for girls, don't buy a size "just in case". Not only will the dress fit poorly, but excess material can also interfere with walking and playing. HERE you can read our article on how to properly choose the size of clothes for your child.
  • Child's figure. Choosing the right size is one thing. You also need to objectively look at your daughter's silhouette and choose a style that not only feels comfortable but also looks beautiful on her! If you want to know how to choose the right style for such a dress, check out our articles on plus size and petite dresses for girls.


Really special birthday, or a dress for a girl's first birthday

The first birthday is a special occasion to celebrate. Your beloved girl stops being a baby and turns into a cute, very active toddler. You don't even know when time flew by and now it's time to prepare a birthday party!

For such an occasion, it's worth choosing an elegant dress for your little girl, in which she will look like a special birthday girl. It's also worth considering a few solutions that will allow for easy handling of the child, such as changing diapers.

We don't want to go into too much detail, because on our blog you can find a text dedicated to dresses for girls for their first birthday. You can read more in the article that you will find HERE.


Birthday dress for an older girl

It may seem that choosing a birthday dress for an older girl should be much easier than for a baby. Nothing could be further from the truth! In addition to the aforementioned principles that you should follow in your search for the perfect dress for this special occasion, there are also two key points to consider!

So what else should you take into account before buying a birthday dress for a girl?

  • The party theme. If you are planning a birthday party, it is worth thinking about the style in which it will be organized. Is your daughter a fan of "Frozen"? In that case, choose tulle dresses for girls with a princess cut! Do you prefer a party in a more rock atmosphere? Fitted dresses with bold accessories will be better.
  • Child's preferences. Your several-year-old daughter already has a certain taste and some of the dresses you choose may simply not appeal to her. To avoid this type of situation, create a list of several selected styles and choose the perfect birthday dress together.


The most beautiful birthday dress for a girl? Check out Zoya collection!

We know that choosing a dress for a girl for a special occasion like a birthday may not be easy. That's why we have prepared a small selection for you, hoping that you will find the perfect model for your daughter. You can still check out the entire Zoya collection, which you will find under the tabs DRESSES FOR GIRLS and NEW ARRIVALS.

What dress models for girls do we propose to choose for a birthday? Here are a few suggestions that you can match to the various themes of a birthday party. Check out the designs by clicking on the names of the dresses from the list below:

  • tulle dresses: Liv, Valerie, Chantal;
  • sequin dresses: Imelda, Alisa, Ana;
  • lace dresses: Bohemia, Gaia, Lou;
  • knit dresses: Salma, Nel;
  • velvet dresses: Pilar, Vera, Amalia;
  • elegant dresses: Amy, Rosalia, Floria;
  • cotton dresses: Amelia, Lilia, Susanna.

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