Which dresses for a little girl can you use for Halloween? 0
Which dresses for a little girl can you use for Halloween?

October 31st is the day when all fears come to life. Halloween is approaching fast! More and more decorations can be seen in the form of ubiquitous ghosts, pumpkin lanterns, or paper bat chains. Although this holiday is most popular in the United States, it is increasingly celebrated in Europe as well.

If your daughter has been invited to a Halloween party or you are organizing such a scary evening yourself, find out how you can use a dress for a little girl to prepare a suitable costume for the child.


A short history of Halloween, or why do we dress up as scary creatures on this day?

Although Halloween is associated with a big party in the USA, the holiday probably has its origins in Celtic tradition. On the night of October 31st to November 1st, the Celts celebrated Samhain, which was something like New Year's Eve for them. They believed that during this time, the boundaries between the world of the living and the dead were blurred.

But why do children dress up as scarecrows and various fairytale characters on this day? On the day of Samhain, both evil spirits, which were driven away, and good ones, which were gladly invited into homes, entered the world of the living. Probably to scare away unwanted guests, the custom of dressing up and wearing scary masks emerged. Today, it is mostly a form of entertainment, during which candy is collected and pranks are played.


Where to get ideas for a Halloween costume from a dress for a little girl?

The internet is full of ready-made ideas for using a dress for a little girl for a Halloween costume! To do this, you can use a search engine like Google, social media (Facebook groups, Instagram, or Pinterest are great for this), portals with children's fashion, or thematic blogs.

We have also prepared a few ideas for you with dresses for little girls from Zoya Fashion. Perhaps one of them will be a perfect inspiration for you and will appeal to your daughter.


Dresses models for girls from Zoya that you can use for Halloween

In our assortment, we have dresses for girls that can be used for many special occasions such as weddings, communions, or baptisms. One of them can also be a Halloween party! Just choose the right accessories, give it a boost with artistic makeup... and you're ready!

What can you create using a Zoya Fashion girl's dress? Check out our ideas!


Angel Costume

Angel is one of the most popular costume themes for Halloween. Girls love to dress up as these winged creatures, and the costume itself is not too complicated to prepare. All you need is a light elegant dress for girls, wings, a halo from a wreath (you can use a gold chain from a Christmas tree for this purpose), and you're done! The Angel model available at Zoya Fashion is perfect for this costume.


Witch Costume

Some girls like good characters, while others prefer to dress up as dark ones. If your child likes unconventional ideas, maybe a witch costume will make them happy! The Elena model in black is perfect for this role. The tight-fitting pattern will highlight the dress's qualities, and the puffy tulle sleeves will add character to the entire outfit. Just add a pointy hat, the right makeup, and you're ready to have fun during Halloween!


Fairy Costume

Has your daughter always wanted to be a good fairy? Let her transform into this magical character for a day, using the Frezi girl's dress. The many layers of tulle will add lightness to the outfit, and the sequined top will draw attention. Just add delicate wings and a magical wand, and voila! The fairy is ready to have a great time during the Halloween party!


Dead Bride Costume

This is a fairly easy and popular Halloween costume theme. We drew inspiration from Tim Burton's animation "Corpse Bride." So how do you turn your daughter into a dead bride? The Lou dress is perfect for this purpose. Just add a delicate wreath on her head and create the appropriate makeup with face paint. Done!


What to consider before choosing a dress for a girl for Halloween?

However, before deciding to use an elegant dress for a girl, take a close look at these few aspects.

  • What material is the girl's dress made of? It is worth choosing a creation made of natural materials, which will make the entire costume breathable. This way, your child will not sweat or catch a cold during crazy Halloween fun.
  • How was the stitching done? Poorly sewn girl's dress is often the reason for skin irritation and constantly itching and bothering areas. Therefore, before choosing a costume, take a close look at the seams in the creation to avoid discomfort during Halloween fun.
  • Which cut to choose? The priority should be the child's comfort in clothing and unrestricted movement. During Halloween, your daughter will surely have a great time dancing, so choose a type of dress in which she will feel comfortable and free.
  • Will the chosen dress appeal to your daughter? The most important thing should be your child's joy during Halloween, which will be guaranteed by the perfect costume! If you want to make sure that the dress will be a hit, look for the right outfit together.


You can see for yourself that creating a unique Halloween costume doesn't require great skills or complicated elements. All you need is a suitable base in the form of a dress for a girl, and the ideas will come to mind on their own! Check out the entire available collection - maybe you will come up with something even better than us? We wish you a great time!

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