White dresses for girls - is it a good choice? 0
White dresses for girls - is it a good choice?

Little girls in white dresses look so delicate and cute... However, this color can be somewhat problematic for several reasons, such as the practicality of the outfit for a child or the formality of the occasion it is intended for.

Who is a white dress for a girl suitable for? What should you pay attention to when choosing an outfit in this color? Will you be able to dress your child in it for every occasion? Will you also use such a dress in everyday stylings? We will try to answer these and other questions - read on!


What should you remember when choosing a white dress for a girl?

When choosing an outfit for a child, don't rely solely on its color. Your daughter should feel comfortable and at ease in the dress for girls above all! So what else should you consider before adding this elegant outfit to your shopping cart?

  • Material. A dress for girls for special occasions should be made of natural and soft materials that will not cause skin irritations. Many synthetic fabrics often do not breathe, causing the child to sweat quickly, and delicate skin is prone to chafing. This applies especially to infants.
  • Quality of workmanship and materials used. A white dress for a girl may require much more frequent washing than other outfits. If you plan to purchase this particular color, choose something sturdy that will withstand multiple encounters with the washing machine.
  • Sewing method. The way the seams are made will be crucial for the comfort of wearing an elegant dress for girls. Take a closer look at how the seams are made and whether any protruding scraps of fabric will irritate your child's skin.
  • Length of the dress for girls. Long dresses may be beautiful, but they can also be impractical for a lively child. If your daughter is one of those children who doesn't necessarily like to sit still, go for shorter styles.
  • Cut of the dress for girls. Straight, tulle, flared, A-line - there are countless models! However, not all of them will fit your daughter's body type. Choose one that will emphasize her strengths and strengthen her self-confidence.
  • Child's character. If your little one is an active child who is everywhere and needs to check everything out on their own, it may be better to choose a different color for the dress for girls. Otherwise, the dress may not survive such frequent washing.
  • Child's preferences. If the occasion does not require a specific color of a dress for a girl, let your daughter decide whether she wants to wear a dress in that particular shade.


What does the white color of a dress for a girl symbolize?

In European culture, white symbolizes purity, innocence, and goodness. The color white itself is a neutral color that has a huge impact on the perception of other colors - it neutralizes them and calms their reception. Perhaps that's why it is such a popular shade for girls' dresses?


Will a white dress always be the right choice for a little girl?

There are celebrations and occasions that simply require a white dress for a little girl! Most often, such outfits are chosen for baptisms and communions, mainly due to the symbolism of the color and tradition.

However, there are situations where choosing a white dress for a little girl may not be the best idea. We mainly refer here to weddings, where white is reserved for the bride and her bridesmaids. If you do not want to commit a faux pas, it is worth asking the future wife about the color preferences of the guests' outfits - deviations from this rule are increasingly allowed, but it is better to make sure beforehand.

When it comes to everyday outfits, there are no contraindications for not wearing a white elegant dress for a little girl. Unless your daughter likes to attract various stains and dirt during playtime, but the final choice is up to you!


White dresses for girls at Zoya

What white dresses for girls can you find in the Zoya collection? Our assortment includes models divided into categories depending on the occasion you need the outfit for!


A dress for a girl for baptism

In the case of christenings, it is worth choosing not only a beautiful but also practical dress for a girl. In the CHRISTENING DRESSES section, you will find models that will delight guests and will not make it difficult to take care of the little one.


A dress for a girl for First Communion

First Communion is a special holiday for little girls who want to look beautiful on this particular day! A specially chosen hairstyle, a flower wreath on their head, and of course – a white dress for a girl.

If you don't have a pre-imposed pattern of alb or dress for a girl or you want to choose a dress for the communion party, take a look at the FIRST COMMUNION DRESSES section, where you will definitely find the perfect model for your daughter.

What models can we recommend? Each one is unique in its own way! If you're looking for a long dress for a girl for First Communion, check out Alice, Margaret, and Liv. Among the shorter styles, Bohemia and Matilda are very popular choices. Want a little more craziness? Look at the Amy model, which catches the eye with a beautiful sequin pattern. In reality, everything depends on your taste and preferences.


Dress for girls for other occasions

At Zoya Fashion, we know that important events don't end with christenings and communions. If you are looking for a white dress for a girl for other family occasions, check out the collection from the DRESSES FOR OCCASIONS section. You will find models that you can use for many different occasions.

Lou, Frezi, Angel, Emilie, and Alisa are dresses for girls that are very popular for family gatherings, holidays, or just for everyday styling.

Check if any of them will be suitable for your daughter. Or maybe your daughter will fall in love with another model? See our current collection!

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