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Every parent knows that children are different - some are modest and quiet, and the other are self-confident, who love to be the center of attention and ... shine! For such small stars, it is worth choosing styles that will make them feel not only beautiful, but also unique.

For what occasions can you dress your child in a sparkly dress for girls? What do you have to pay attention to in such styling? What models can you find in the Zoya collection?

You will find answers to these and other questions in this article. Read on!


Types of shiny dresses for girls

These types of dresses differ not only in the cut and style, but also in the material that is supposed to add shine to them. Most often on the market you can meet 2 types of shiny dresses for girls:

  • Dress with sequins - dresses in this style, depending on the number of sequins, take on a disco character. Sequins reflect light very intensively, so you can be sure that your daughter in this style will be visible from a distance.
  • Beaded dress - this type of cut usually has a delicate glow, e.g. thanks to small pearls. Thanks to this, the dress for a girl is unobtrusive and at the same time very elegant.


A shiny dress for a girl - what occasion will it be the best for?

It depends on the brilliance of the dress! The less glitter, the more occasions you can choose a girl dress for your daughter.

Subdued dresses for girls with a delicate pattern of sequins or beads will perfectly emphasize the beauty of the styling and will allow you to stand out from the crowd. You can wear such a dress for your child for weddings, birthdays, baptisms and themed balls.

We recommend bolder stylizations for birthdays and themed parties. Highly shiny dresses for girls can also be a good idea for a wedding. However, during more solemn family occasions, such as communion or baptism parties, it is better to choose other elegant dresses for girls, so as not to overshadow the main characters of the event.


What do you need to know before you buy a sparkly girl dress?

  • Material. It is important that the girl's dress is made of natural materials to prevent skin irritation.
  • The method of sewing the dress. Additional patterns made of sequins or beads are also more places where you can find specific hems. Take a close look at the seams where the shiny elements are and make sure they won't scratch your skin.
  • Dress cut. Sequins and beads are just accessories that are supposed to make the whole outfit more attractive. Consider what kind of dresses your daughter will be comfortable in during games and dances.
  • The age of the child. Dresses for girls with sequins or beads are recommended for older children. Little girls can accidentally scratch themselves with protruding elements, and babies that are several months old can even swallow them, which is already a great danger for them!
  • Child preferences. A shiny dress for a girl is a very bold styling, so you should make sure that your daughter will wear it for sure. Before you finally choose a dress, suggest a few patterns to your child and decide together which one will be the perfect one.


What instead of a shiny dress for a girl? Bet on shiny accessories!

If your daughter does not want to go out for a special occasion in a shiny dress, and you still want to add some glamor to your styling, maybe it is worth proposing shiny accessories? The possibilities are endless! Hairbands for girls, hairpins or jewelry for children will be perfect for making the children's dress a bit more of a party character!


Which shiny girl dress to choose from Zoya?

We have not forgotten about the girls who like bold and distinctive styles! In the Zoya collection, we also have several proposals for shiny dresses for girls in various cuts that many little ladies will fall in love with. What can you find in our offer?


Subdued flash

For girls who would like to shine but the occasion requires a more subdued look, we have dresses for girls with a delicate pattern of sequins or beads.

Among the Zoya models you will find:

  • Rosalia, which consists of delicate, single strips of sequins placed on the torso and at the bottom of the dress.
  • Valerie is a proposal in which the bottom of the dress is very decorative, so we used only a delicate but visible pattern of sequins on the top.
  • Amy features a beautiful finish to the bottom of the dress in tiny glittering sequins.
  • At Fabienne, beads have a decorative function, which wonderfully emphasize the rich lace.


A little more shine ...

If you can afford a little more madness, you can choose from the following patterns:

  • Alisa was created for girls who like to shine with a delicate glow. Silver stars subtly reflect the light, and the simple cut of the dress allows you to wear it on many occasions.
  • Floria is a dress for girls with a delicate sheen. It was made of shiny material, and the tulle at the bottom of the dress was additionally decorated with glitter - like magic dust from a fairy.
  • In Provence, the sequin belt is a strong and shiny accent, which creates a dignified and elegant bow at the back of the dress.
  • Lily is an offer for little dancers. The combined three cascading layers of tulle trimmed with sequins - it sparkles beautifully and arranges itself in the dance during turns and pirouettes!


A real flash queen!

These dress suggestions are real madness! Lots of sequins for distinctive and bold stylizations.

  • Ismena - dress for girls, which will be perfect for family gatherings, e.g. holidays.
  • In Chloe, the entire top of the dress has been trimmed with silver sequins, making the dress expressive and elegant at the same time.
  • The Bianka top of the dress is made of sequins and the bottom of tulle, thanks to which the whole is light and effective.
  • Natalie is a combination of classic and extravagance - a simple, tight dress and two long, fully sequined sleeves is an interesting proposition for styling, e.g. for the 1980s.


As you can see, the selection of Zoya dresses for girls is huge, so do not hesitate and choose the pattern that best suits you together with your daughter.

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