Turbans for girls - a hit or a miss in children's fashion? 0
Turbans for girls - a hit or a miss in children's fashion?

How to protect your child's head from various weather conditions (such as low temperatures or sun) in line with current trends in children's fashion? You can of course go for the classics and choose plain, boring hats for your daughter or... go a little wild and enrich the outfit with fancy and colorful turbans for children!

A girl's turban is a headwear often chosen by mothers for their daughters. Is it just a passing trend? What will a turban for a child match with? How to choose the right size? Find out more from our article!


Are turbans for children just a passing trend?

The trend for turbans for girls has been noticeable for several years now, especially on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. No wonder! The turban looks incredibly stylish and adds character to the outfit. This allows girls to feel like little models from the covers of fashion magazines.

In addition to serving a decorative function, turbans for children are valued by mothers for their versatility. They match many outfits, stay in one position on the child's head, and also protect them from cold, wind, or harsh sun. That's why they are even willingly chosen for infants.

Children's turbans are lightweight. They are usually made of natural and soft materials that children love to wear. Therefore, we believe that they will continue to reign on the children's fashion scene (and on the heads of many children) for a long time.


How to choose the right size of turban for a child?

Many manufacturers label the size of headwear for children based on age. However, this is not a good indicator. Children often differ from each other. A turban for a three-month-old infant may be too small or too big.

Parents often choose slightly larger models because the dimensions of clothing and accessories for infants and young children sometimes change from day to day. However, the correct size of a turban for a girl is crucial for proper head protection and insulation from the cold. So what is the best solution?

Choose a girl's turban the same way you would choose other headwear for children, by measuring the circumference of the head. How to correctly check this dimension? Simply run a tape measure or string through the center of the child's forehead and above the tips of the ears. Then check the measurement or measure the length of the string.


What can a children's turban be worn with?

Choosing the right turban for a girl is a true art. This type of headwear is quite intricate in itself, with ruffles or a bow tie at the front. Therefore, if you plan on having your daughter wear it on a daily basis, it's better to choose more subdued patterns and colors.

However, it doesn't mean you have to completely give up on beautiful floral or geometric designs. The most important thing is to maintain moderation when creating a children's outfit! If you have chosen a more patterned turban for your child, make sure the rest of the outfit is more subdued.

Can a turban for a child be a suitable addition to a girl's dress? Absolutely! Many moms choose turbans for girls to style for special occasions such as weddings, communions, or christenings. The ruffles and bow ties on this type of headwear beautifully accentuate the character of festive attire. They are also a beautiful complement to the overall look.


What to pay attention to when choosing a turban for a girl?

If you want your daughter to willingly wear a child turban for outings and for it to serve all protective functions, take a closer look at these few important points.

  • Material. It's important that it's natural and breathable to prevent the child's head from overheating. Otherwise, it may cause skin problems, worsen the condition of the hair, and even contribute to catching a cold. Cotton is a great option for the summer. If you're looking for a turban for girls for colder days, look for woolen models.
  • Sewing method. A child's skin, especially during infancy, is very sensitive. Check how the seams are made and make sure that nothing will cause additional irritation (e.g. tags).
  • Child's comfort. Choose a children's turban that will fit well on your daughter's head. If it's too big, it will slip over her eyes, and if it's too small, it may cause headaches. It is also important that the turban for girls is soft and pleasant to the touch. This way, your child will be happy to wear it.
  • Child's preferences. In addition to the fact that a turban for a child should match the girl's wardrobe, it should above all be liked by your daughter. Offer her a few designs. Choose the perfect model for different occasions from among them.

Turbans for girls at Zoya

We carefully observe children's fashion, so we couldn't miss such an important styling accessory as a turban for a child! In our assortment, you will find models with ruffles, bows, and ties in beautiful colors that you can match to many outfits. They are made of comfortable cotton and warm velvet, providing adequate protection from the sun or low temperatures.

Discover the latest collection and available models in the TURBANS FOR GIRLS section. Choose the perfect headwear for different occasions together.

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