Viva la fiesta" or what dresses to choose for girls for carnival 0
Viva la fiesta" or what dresses to choose for girls for carnival

Oh, now it's going to happen! Finally, carnival has come, along with many opportunities for excellent parties and events! It's worth experiencing this time properly, so take care of the appropriate carnival outfit for your child now.


Where did carnival come from? What will be fashionable this 2024 carnival season? What to pay attention to when buying a dress for a carnival for a girl? Will you find the right outfit for your daughter in the latest Zoya collection? You will find out everything from this article - keep reading!


A few words about the origin of carnival

What is carnival? It is the period between the Feast of the Epiphany and Ash Wednesday, during which people organize joyful balls, masquerades, parties, events, and communal celebrations.

The origin of the name of this time of year is very interesting - carnival comes from Latin (caro, vale), and means... farewell to meat. This is probably related to the Great Lent, during which the intake of food is limited. The carnival period was simply used to feast and stock up on food.

Carnival is strongly associated with joyful play and dances. In ancient times, they were closely related to various beliefs that aimed, for example, to ensure better harvests (the higher the jump, the higher the grain yields). Very often, dances around bonfires were also organized. Nowadays, carnival involves joyful parades, communal events at home or parties in specially rented halls.

What are the most famous carnivals in the world? Surely such events as the carnival in Rio (with beautiful dancers in costumes made of feathers and sequins) or in Venice (with intricately decorated masks on faces) come to mind. We also encourage you to create your own version of carnival, during which you can spend an interesting and creative time together with your children!


What fashion trends will be in for kids during Carnival 2024?

If you're planning a party or attending one during this time, it's worth taking care to choose the right outfit! So, what will be trendy during this year's carnival? Which elegant dresses for girls will be suitable for such a special occasion?

During Carnival, you should shine from afar! Therefore, feel free to choose dress designs for girls with lots of sequins, glitter, and delicately shimmering pearls. Dresses in classic gold and silver colors will work perfectly, but red outfits are also becoming increasingly visible.

As for the material, tulle dresses for girls are very trendy this season. The more layers, the better! The lightness of the fabric combined with the sparkle of sequins is a perfect recipe for an ideal Carnival dress for a little girl. Your daughter will surely love it.


What else do you need to remember when choosing a dress for a girl for carnival?

It is very important for the carnival dress for a girl to be in line with current fashion trends. However, you can't forget about the most important thing - comfort! The dress may be beautiful, but if it's not practical and the child doesn't feel comfortable in it, the whole magic of the carnival party will burst like a soap bubble.

So, what can you do to avoid this? Pay attention to these aspects when choosing a carnival dress for your child:

  • Material. Carnival falls in the winter season, so the dress for the girl must not only be breathable but also warm. Choose natural fabrics with a tight weave, which will protect the child from low temperatures and take care of their sensitive skin.
  • Quality of sewing and seams. The child must be able to play freely in the chosen girl's dress, and nothing should scratch or restrict their movements. Therefore, carefully check the seams and stitching between the fabrics before letting the child wear the ordered dress to the carnival party.
  • Length. Long dresses for girls may look beautiful, but they can also cause unnecessary incidents. If your daughter is an energetic child who finds it difficult to sit in one place and is prone to bruises and falls, choose a shorter cut model instead.
  • Size. Don't buy a carnival dress for a girl with the intention of using it for other formal occasions. Why? Because an oversized dress will distort the child's body proportions and be uncomfortable for them. Therefore, try to choose models in a fitted size, and it's possible that they will be worn again for other important family events.
  • Child's preferences. Fashion is important, but your daughter should have the most important say in choosing a carnival dress for a girl! She knows best what she likes and what she will feel comfortable in. So prepare a list of proposed models in advance and choose the perfect dress for the carnival party!


Carnival dresses for girls from Zoya

Of course, in our collection, you will find many proposals for dresses for girls that fit into current carnival trends. Here are a few examples that you may like!



Elisa is the perfect dress for girls that fits in with the current carnival fashion! It is in red, the top is adorned with a layer of sequins, and the bottom is made up of many layers of tulle. In this dress, your daughter will look like a little princess!



Imelda is a unique proposal for carnival. It is a gold, sequin dress for girls. The cut resembles models from the 60s-70s, so it will fit perfectly into a themed party. The loosely falling material and wide sleeves will allow your child to play freely. It will surely appeal to girls who appreciate original dresses.



If you are looking for a simple yet impressive dress for girls for carnival, Lavi should meet these requirements. Delicate beige, sleeveless cut, and tulle bottom make the dress comfortable and subdued. To add a bit of shine, sequin stitches were used in the waistband and the lower layer of the dress. It's a proposal that will be perfect for little rascals.

To see more models, click and see the DRESSES FOR GIRLS section.

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