The holidays are coming! What dresses for girls will be suitable for Christmas? 0
The holidays are coming! What dresses for girls will be suitable for Christmas?

The most anticipated time of the year is approaching - Christmas! When the snow pleasantly dusts outside the window, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree stands in the living room with lights, garlands, and ornaments, and the whole house smells of delicious food and spices. Finally, we can spend joyful moments with our loved ones.


To properly celebrate this special time, it is important to create the right atmosphere. The devil is in the details, so you can't forget to choose an elegant dress for the little girl. What patterns will be appropriate? What color should the dress be? Is a sequin dress too much? Find out more!


How to dress a child for the holidays?

Christmas is a special time that should be celebrated properly. You can go a little crazy with styling and choose more imaginative outfits. There are also certain clothing items that will further emphasize the festive atmosphere and allow you to better immerse yourself in this wonderful climate.


So what should you pay attention to when choosing a dress for a girl for the holidays?

  • Color. What colors do you associate with Christmas? Deep, bottle green, burgundy, shades of red, snowy white, gold or silver are the most commonly mentioned hues. If you want to further emphasize the festive atmosphere, choose a dress for a girl in these colors.
    • Style. There are no real limits here! It's a very important time, so you can choose a slightly more formal outfit with interesting textures and accessories.
  • Decorations. Is a sequin dress appropriate for the holidays? Absolutely! All dress decorations such as pearls, lace or ruffles are allowed, and sequins are even desirable! Everything sparkles during this time, so why shouldn't your daughter shine too?
  • Other accessories. A dress for a girl is not everything! You also need to take care of appropriate accessories that will complement the entire outfit. Think about delicate jewelry, hairbands, hair clips or stockings for girls that will enhance the effect.


What else do you need to remember when choosing a dress for a girl for the holidays?

Now that you know what dresses for girls will be appropriate for the upcoming holiday season, you need to take care of a few things before putting a specific model in your shopping basket.

  • Check what material the dress for the girl is made of. Remember that a child's skin is much more sensitive than an adult's, so it can be easily irritated. To prevent this, choose dresses made of soft, comfortable, and natural fabrics that will provide proper ventilation and comfort.
  • Make sure to take care of the comfort of wearing the chosen dress for the girl. To do this, order the appropriate size of the clothing (do not buy too large creations "in advance", as they will be bothersome during wearing and disrupt the proportions of the child's silhouette), also check the quality of the seams (to avoid scratching during walking and playing). It is also worth examining the designs and choosing models with a comfortable fastening, such as a zipper.
  • Make sure that the chosen model will be suitable for your daughter's figure. On our blog, you will find two articles on this topic: dresses for petite girls and plus size.
  • Ask your child about their preferences! It may turn out that they won't be a fan of shiny, sequined dresses for girls, while they will feel great in simple cuts in pastel shades. Offer your daughter a few models and choose the one in which she will appear during the festive Christmas dinner.


Elegant dresses for girls for Christmas from Zoya

End of fashion theory, time to move on to practice! What kind of festive dresses for girls can you find at Zoya? We present a few proposals, which are the most commonly chosen outfits for Christmas. For more models, please visit the DRESSES FOR GIRLS section.



A delicate, tulle creation with shiny silver stars all over the surface - can there be a more festive style? Alisa is a dress for girls with a simple, trapezoidal cut. It consists of a cotton lining and a layer of tulle with a starry texture. A very comfortable option for the first joint Christmas meetings.



Is it an impressive Christmas gift? No! It's Ana's dress for girls! The presented model is in the color of red wine. The top is entirely made of sequins, while the bottom consists of many layers of lightweight tulle. In the front, a very modest, simple construction, while the back is an impressive, golden bow made of sequins and a deep, triangular cutout on the back. The girl will look stunning in it during the celebration!



Another tulle proposal in the color of red with a slightly smaller number of sequins is Provence. What distinguishes this model among other elegant dresses for girls is the beautiful, delicate lace that is located in the upper part of the creation. The bottom consists of many layers of tulle, which gives the whole lightness and girlishness. The entire outfit is emphasized by a golden, sequin belt at the waist, finished with a detachable bow at the back. This dress also has an impressive lace cutout on the back, which adds chic and elegance.



Another sequined proposal? Here you go - we present Bianka. A delicate tulle dress for girls will appeal to many little fashionistas. The top is made of sequins, while the bottom consists of several layers of tulle. The beige shade of the dress and the golden glow of the decorations make this model a perfect choice for the holidays. The whole outfit is emphasized by a satin belt with an adjustable tie at the back and a bow at the front.



Cornelia is a dress model for girls who prefer less ornate but equally elegant outfits. The delicate material forms beautiful pleats that accentuate the child's figure. The belt at the waist gives the silhouette a shape, and the powdery pink color fits perfectly into the Christmas atmosphere. In this proposal, your daughter will certainly feel beautiful and comfortable during the Christmas dinner.

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